Rande Lazar, MD

Ear, Nose & Throat
Medical School
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
ENT Memphis

Rande H. Lazar, M.D. has established himself throughout his career as an innovator in the medical field and a philanthropist within his community. Dr. Lazar has successfully described new pediatric procedures to the medical community and laid the groundwork for future physicians and researchers to build upon his work. When Dr. Rande Lazar arrived in Memphis he was the only fellowship-trained Pediatric Otolaryngologist in the Mid-South. At LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center he implemented and was a pioneer in this region for upper airway reconstruction procedures, i.e., cricoid splits and laryngotracheal reconstruction. Additionally, Dr. Lazar utilized state-of-the-art equipment which included CO2 lasers and KTP lasers for the airway. He and his group adopted endonasal sinus surgery for pediatric patients and were the first in the nation to publish in a peer reviewed journal on this procedure. Dr. Lazar’s work has stood the test of time in all these areas, as those procedures are still being done in much the same way as he described them and implemented them in the Mid-South.